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Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Upper Body 9 - Just a Travelling Band...

...Is all you need for this amazing workout that will tone your arms, chest and back. A resistance band is one of the first things I tell people to get - they are inexpensive, easy to find, and adjustable to almost every resistance level imaginable. They are really portable - pack them in a suitcase for travel, a briefcase for a quick session at work on your lunch break, or the basement to watch your kids at play. Resistance bands are also QUIET. For those of you in apartments, row housing, or just have light sleepers in your home, it is easy to do a great workout and make no noise with the equipment. No more clanging dumbbells! I have a variety of these in different resistance levels for different purposes and they are great. You can get these bad boys just about everywhere: Wal-Mart, Amazon, heck, I've seen them in grocery stores! BUT! Make sure you always check them for nicks or tears or wear before you use them! You don't want one of these snapping on you, it hurts! Alright! Enough about the bands, here's the workout:

Upper Body 10 - Just a Travelling Band

Here's the breakdown:

Workout: 3 Rounds, 7 exercises, 10 seconds rest, 50 seconds work
1. Side Raise, Left
2. Side Raise, Right
3. Lunge Press, Left
4. Lunge Press, Right
5. Biceps Curl (both at once)
6. Triceps Extension, Left
7. Triceps Extension, Right

Beginners, do this video once, intermediates can do this twice, Advanced/athletes can do this 3 times. Break for 2-5 minutes in between each video to ensure you stay hydrated.

Add some cardio (15-30 minutes) 3-5 times per week to really see results!

How did you like it? Do you like adding variety into your workouts?

See you tomorrow!

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