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Friday, November 18, 2016

Full Body 30 30 Split - Get Ready to SWEAT!

This.... this is just... Awesome. I was super-duper sweaty by the time I finished this, and really out of breath, so that is a very, very good sign. You want to make serious changes? You want to challenge yourself? You want to see how strong you really are? Do this workout. Trust me, it's awesome :)

Grab some weights and maybe a barbell for this one.

30-30 Full Body HIIT 3

Warm up: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GQFwm41RGVc

Workout: 3 rounds, 30 seconds cardio, 30 seconds resistance
1. Skipping - Alternating Reverse Lunge with Kick Front
2. Mountain Climbers - Clean and Press
3. Jumping Jacks - Ab In and Outs
4. High Knees - Glute Bridge March
5. Skaters - Push Up with Alternating Row

Beginners, do this once, intermediates, do this twice, advanced/athletes, do this 3-4 times or add this once on the end of a workout. Give yourself a 2-5 minute break in between each video and stay hydrated.

Well? How was it? Let me know!

See you tomorrow,

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