Thursday, October 13, 2016

Upper Body 6 - Bringing Sexy BACK!

Hey guys! Your upper body workout is here and we're bringing sexy BACK - literally! This is chest and back today and it's SO much fun! Grab some weights, a ball, and a resistance band for some extra zing :)

Upper Body 6 - Bringing Sexy BACK!

Here's your workout breakdown:

Warm up:

Workout: 3 rounds, 10 seconds rest, 50 seconds work
1. Back Extension on Ball
2. Seated Row with Resistance Band
3. Chest Press
4. Chest Fly
5. Inverted Shoulder Press

Cool down:

Beginners do this once and you're done! Intermediates do this twice with a 2-5 minute break in between replaying the video. Advanced/athletes, do this 3-4 times with a 2-5 minute break in between replaying the video. 

Add some cardio (cycling, jogging, walking, etc.) for up to half an hour to maximize fat burning. As always, leave a good chunk of time in between cardio and weights so that you don't over train :)

What did you think? Was it fun? Was it challenging?

See you tomorrow!

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