Monday, October 24, 2016

Lower Body 7 - Bend Ova!

Ohh yes, you'll want to bend over and show that UH-MAZING butt that you're gonna get from this workout! This is a fantastic lower body workout you can do anywhere and you don't even really need any extra equipment to get a full workout in! I used a pair of 15-pound dumbbells and a circular resistance band to give me an extra challenge.

Lower Body 7 - Bend Ova!

Here's your workout breakdown:

Warm up:

Workout: 3 rounds, 5 exercises, 10 seconds rest, 50 seconds work.
1. Reverse Alternating Lunges
2. Sumo Squat Hold
3. Glute Bridge with Knees In and Out
4. Left Hydrant to Rear Kick to Hydrant
5. Right Hydrant to Rear Kick to Hydrant

Beginners do this 15 minute workout once through, followed by your cool down. Intermediates, do this twice through. Advanced/athletes do this 3-4 times through. Break for 2-5 minutes after each 15 minute session to stay hydrated and recover optimally.

If you want extra fat burning, do 15-30 minutes of cardio before, or after your workout. Remember - the longer you are doing resistance training and cardio, the more space you should have between your cardio and resistance training. At least 30 minutes, up to several hours to give your body time to recuperate properly between workout sessions.

Cool down:

How did you like the workout? Did you try it with extra weights and a resistance band?

See you tomorrow!

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