Friday, October 14, 2016

Lower Body 6 - She's Got Legs! (Plus My Puppy)

She's got leeegs! She knows how to use them! Oh yes, this will give you some seriously toned legs and glutes in record time. Add some ankle weights, a circle resistance band and maybe even a dumbbell for an even greater challenge, and you'll be screaming by the end of this. This is FANTASTIC for every level, from stark beginner to athlete. If you have knee issues, talk to your doctor about this workout as this may be just what the doctor ordered to help strengthen your knees! Plus, you get to see She-Ra the Boston Terrier, who definitely helps me out here ;)

Lower Body 6 - She's Got Legs!

Here's your workout breakdown:

Warm up:

Workout: 2 Rounds, 7 Exercises, 50 seconds work, 10 seconds rest. First round push your heel out, second round point your toe out:
1. Leg Lift Left
2. Leg Lift Right
3. Leg Lift Left with External Rotation
4. Leg Lift Right with External Rotation
5. Leg Side Extension Left (no rotation)
6. Leg Side Extension Right (no rotation)
7. Glute Bridge Butterflies (lift up, open knees wide, keeping hips up, close knees, slowly lower bum down, repeat)

Cool Down:

Beginners, do this once, intermediates do this twice, advanced/athletes do this 3-4 times, adding ankle weights, a band around your knees and a dumbbell on hips during glute bridges.

What did you think? Do you workout with a pet, too? Show me!

See you Monday!

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