Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Lower Body 5 - I Like That Butt and I Cannot Lie!

Okay so I took license with the song title there, but it is a bit more PG and accurate ;-) Today is ALL about the legs and butt. It is gonna make those thighs and buns burn and help to give you the lower body you have always wanted - toned, strong and sexy!

Lower Body 5 - I Like That Butt!

Here' your warm up:

Workout Breakdown:
3 rounds, 50 seconds work, 10 seconds rest. Beginners do this workout once (15 minutes). Intermediates, do this workout twice with a 2 minute break after the first 15 minutes (32 minutes). Advanced/Athletes, do this workout 3-4 times with 2 minute break in between each 15 minute segment. 

1. Curtsy Lunge Left (or step up with side leg lift if you have bad knees)
2. Curtsy Lunge Right
3. Alternating Front Kick Squat (or step up with front kick for bad knees)
4. Alternating Rear Kick Squat (or step up with rear kick for bad knees)
5. Wide (Plie) Squat with Alternating Heel Lifts

Your cool down:

How did you like it?

See you tomorrow!

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