Thursday, October 6, 2016

All Abs 3 to Make You ROAR!

Ohh, this is going to make you ROAR! This is a 12 minute workout of ALL ABS. I know I say in the beginning it is 15 minutes, but I was lying ;) Do what you can, give it your all, I know you can do this!

All Abs 3 to Make You ROAR!

Here's your warm up:

Workout Breakdown:
3 rounds, 50 seconds work, 10 seconds rest. Beginners do this workout once (12 minutes). Intermediates and Advanced, do this workout twice with a 2-5 minute break after the first 12 minutes (26-29 minutes) 

1. Plank Dips Side to Side
2. Bird Dog
3. Plank with Alternating Knee In and Out
4. In and Out Abs (on ball or on floor)

Your cool down:

IT BURNS! Let me hear you ROAR!

See you tomorrow!

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