Friday, October 7, 2016

30 30 HIIT Full Body 2 - Werk!

Yup, I'll be honest, this is gonna make you werk. And probably hate me. But mostly work REALLY hard, and then get really good results :) This is a full body, 30-30 split workout. It's tough. But you can do it. Grab some weights and let's get to this!

30-30 HIIT Full Body 2

Here's your warm up:

Workout Breakdown:
15 rounds, 30 seconds cardio, 30 seconds resistance. Beginners do this workout once (12 minutes). Intermediates and Advanced, do this workout 2-3 times with a 2-5 minute break after the first 15 minutes (26-29 minutes) 

1. Skipping, then Left Curtsey Lunge (or side leg lifts)
2. Skipping, then Right Curtsey Lunge (or side leg lifts)
3. Skipping, then Deadlift (or glute bridges if you can't do deadlifts)
4. Skipping, then Bicep Curls

5. Skipping, then hold Plank
6. Mountain Climbers, then Left Donkey Kick
7. Mountain Climbers, then Right Donkey Kick
8. Mountain Climbers, then Reverse Abs
9. Mountain Climbers, then Tricep Skull Crushers
10. Mountain Climbers, then Chest Press
11. Jumping Jacks (any variation that suits you), then Lateral (Side) Raises
12. Jumping Jacks, then Front Raises
13. Jumping Jacks, then Wide Squat
14. Jumping Jacks, then Side to Side Squat
15. Jumping Jacks, then Bent Rows

Your cool down:

I could hardly talk after doing this, and I definitely feel it today! I hope you liked it :)

See you tomorrow!

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