Friday, September 23, 2016

Lower Body MADNESS!

Are y'all ready for this?? *cue 90's dance music* This is 15 minutes of lower body MADNESS that will tone your thighs, butt and hips. Get ready for the BURN baby! All you need are some weights and a mat, comfy shoes and clothes. I'll give you alternatives as always.
Lower Body 3
Workout breakdown:
10 seconds rest, 50 seconds work, 3 rounds:

Pop Squats
Alternating front lunges
Alternating side lunges
Single leg glute bridge - Left leg
Single leg glute bridge - Right leg

Beginners do 3 rounds (15 minutes), intermediate can do this for 6 rounds (30 minutes), athletes can do this for 9-12 rounds (45-60 minutes), but I would recommend having a minute or two of rest every 3 rounds (15 minutes) to have some water and give yourself time to catch up on oxygen :-)

Here's your warm up:
and cool down:

How did you like it? Let me know!

See you tomorrow,

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